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Welcome to Channel 12

impact is everything

But there is only a limited amount of time to get your message over in this frantic world.

Channel 12 is the corporate video production company that understands this reality. No commission is ever the same as another, no film shoot ever merely routine, all are unique and special.

We can deliver everything from the initial concepts and scripts, to the final, distributed DVD, HD DVD or published web footage.

Our secret lies not only in technology but in ideas and creativity. Staying on message, on time and on budget aren’t enough.

We deliver creative, effective film. The sort that gets you noticed and remembered.

Time is precious … impact is everything.

Call us on 01423 509078 or email info@channel-12.tv. You can also use the quick-contact form if you would prefer.

Buy your “I just love ... York” DVD here.

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Georgina's Cafe in York. (Please mute or stop the video top-right before launching)

Video Camera